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A Chinese film depicting a love story set in rural China has been removed from all streaming services in the country merely weeks after its release. The film ‘Return to Dust’ and discussions related to the movie have been censored on social media, reports said.

The movie- which was premiered earlier this year at the Berlin Film Festival- was appreciated after its theatrical release for its realistic depiction of life in rural China. But the movie also drew massive criticism from nationalistic voices in the country for portraying China in a negative light.

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Severe criticism followed the sudden disappearance of the film which comes at a time when China’s ruling Communist Party is readying itself for its five-yearly congress which is set to begin on October 16 where Xi Jinping is poised to secure a historic third term that will cement his place as China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong.

The movie centers around a couple who fall in love after their arranged marriage while navigating hardships together in a rural village in China targeted for development. After a delayed release, the film received a good response at the box office. Last month, the ending of the film was also changed and then the movie was before being eventually dropped from cinemas.

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