Advice to your younger self? Elon musk, stops, thinks and says: ‘I should’ve…’ | World News

At Tesla’s AI Day event on Friday, a question stumped the usually verbose company boss Elon Musk. In an event devoted to robots and technology, a curious audience member asked Elon Musk what the 51-year-old would tell his younger self.

Tesla’s chief executive stood quietly and thought.

“I would say to twenty- or twenty-something me, ‘just stop and smell the roses occasionally probably would be a good idea,'” Elon Musk then said adding that younger Elon should gain exposure to smart people and read a lot of books.

“I did just that”, Elon Musk said, adding that it was important in life to not be “too intense”.

Reminiscing the time he was developing an early SpaceX rocket, Elon Musk said that he remembered not stopping to enjoy the surroundings.

“I should have had a drink on the beach! That would have been fine,” Elon Musk said.

At Tesla’s artificial intelligence event on Friday, an early prototype of the company’s proposed Optimus humanoid robot slowly and awkwardly walked onto a stage, turned, and waved to a cheering crowd.

Elon Musk said at the event that the robot could do so much more than what the audience witnessed.

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