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The month of October is full of festivals and expecting a high footfall, the North Western Railways has decided to add 86 coaches to 41 trains. This will help the railway administration reduce the burden of waiting lists and make travel convenient for the passengers. Railway officials said the decision will help around 50,000 passengers. These temporary coaches will be added from October 1. The trains will run via Jodhpur, Delhi, Mumbai, Bikaner, Ajmer, and Udaipur.

Train Number- 22481/22482 Delhi’s Sarai Rohilla-Jodhpur Railway-Sarai Rohilla will see 2 third AC and 2 sleeper coaches added temporarily.

Train Number- 12479/12480, Jodhpur- Bandra- Jodhpur Terminus will get an additional second-third AC from October 3 and 4.

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Train No. 22471/22472, Bikaner-Delhi Sarai-Bikaner train service will get an extra Second Sleeper Class coach from October 1 and 3.

Train Number- 20473/20474, Delhi Sarai-Udaipur City-Delhi Sarai Rail Service will have two additional Second Sleeper Class Coaches from October 1 and 2.

Train Number- 12990/12989, Ajmer-Dadar-Ajmer will get an extra Third AC Economy class coach from October 2 and 3.

Train No. 20483/20484, Bhagat Ki Kothi – Dadar – Bhagat Ki Kothi will get a few extra second sleeper class coaches from October 3 and 4.

Train Number- 14707/14708 from Bikaner-Dadar-Bikaner Rail Service will get an extra 01 Third AC and 04 Second Sleeper Class coaches will from October 1 and 2.

Train Number- 20971/20972, Udaipur City-Shalimar-Udaipur City will get 02 Third AC class coaches from October 1-2.

Train Number- 12991/12992, Udaipur-Jaipur-Udaipur will get 2 Second Ordinary Class, 01 Second Chair Car and 01 AC Chair Car class coach from October 1.

For more information check the Railway website.

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