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LUCKNOW: Mulayam Singh Yadav was one UP politician who carved a niche for himself in national politics all on his own. This probably explains his knack for seeing political acumen in people whom he nurtured as politicians. Many of them made it to the assembly while others rose to the ranks of union ministers.
Mulayam knew how to make friends and stand by them no matter what. This was one quality that made him stand out from the rest. He valued friendship and never resisted criticism.
A case in point is that of the towering Kurmi leader, Beni Prasad Verma. Beni’s friendship with Mulayam was known to one and all even before the two joined hands to lay the foundation of the SP in 1992. Beni was an ardent follower of socialist thinker Ramsewak Yadav. Mulayam too was a strong proponent of socialist ideology and the two soon became best friends, politically and otherwise.
In 1989, Beni was seen standing behind Mulayam when Janta Dal’s Ajit Singh figured as a contender for the UP CM post against Mulayam who was offered deputy CM’s post which he declined. The Janta Party, Jan Morcha, Lok Dal (A) and Lok Dal (B) got together as Janta Dal in the assembly polls and bagged 208 seats in the then 425-member UP assembly.
The alliance needed 14 more MLAs. When Mulayam refused to relent, Janta Dal’s top leadership in Delhi took a middle path and proposed Beni’s name for the CM post. Beni not only declined the offer but orchestrated a defection of sorts with the help of then muscleman DP Yadav to ensure that the majority of MLAs backed Mulayam who then became the CM.
When Mulayam was sworn in as the defence minister in Deve Gowda’s cabinet, he was instrumental in the appointment of Beni as cabinet minister for communications. Later, Beni shook hands with the Congress and took on Mulayam as well but later returned to SP. He died in March 2020. Mulayam also mentored Azam Khan and Amar Singh. Both started their political innings elsewhere but joined Netaji and became his close lieutenants.
A die-hard associate of Mulayam since the ’70s, Rajendra Chaudhary is one of the few SP veterans who have been equally close to Mulayam and Akhilesh. Currently he is the chief spokesperson of the party.
Another leader who owed his political stint to SP patriarch was Ahmed Hasan. Having retired from the IPS in 1992, Ahmed Hasan first came in touch with Mulayam during his stint as the district police chief of Gorakhpur. By then he had earned the image of a no-nonsense cop since he had eliminated then dreaded dacoit Chambu Ram and ensured the arrest of all his gang members in 1976 during his stint as DSP Etah.
After retirement, Ahmed Hasan was appointed as chairman of the state minority commission in 1994. Two years later, Mulayam nominated him as an MLC. Hasan was nominated MLC for six terms and also served as health minister during two SP regimes. Mulayam was also the political mentor for BJP MP from Agra SPS Baghel.

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