Andhra Pradesh: ‘4K Walk’ marks World Health Day in Ongole

People from different walks of life took part in the ‘4K Walk’ organised as part of the ‘Your Health’ programme on the occasion of World Heart Day on Thursday.

Ongole Municipal Commissioner M. Venkateswara Rao flagged off the event organised by Ramesh Sanghamitra Hospital to educate people on the importance of walking and a healthy lifestyle.

Speaking on the occasion, senior cardiologist V. Senthil Kumar said that heart ailments in children were critical and surgery was risky. Cardiologist B. Nagamani said that a healthy lifestyle was the need of the hour to avert heart ailments.

Hospital COO K. Hari Kumar Reddy said that food habits played an important part in maintaining good health, apart from eschewing sedentary lifestyle.

The ‘Heart to Heart Walks’ was conducted to promote walking as a habit. Every 10,000 steps taken by people between September 28 and October 16 will generate ₹100 each and the same would be used for the treatment of underprivileged children suffering from heart ailments by ‘Aster Volunteers’, in association with the hospital. The walker recorded the number of steps they covered on mobile phones and send the screenshots to the Aster volunteers.

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