Bigg Boss 16: Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma have a fight over trust issues; Gautam says “let’s be friends here and bahar jaake we can see about it”.

In today’s episode, we see Abdu Rozik become the new captain of the house and everyone congratulates Abdu for his victory. Abdu thanks everyone for their decision and for making him the captain of the house. Later we see Gautam Vig and Soundarya Sharma have a fight as they go through trust issues and question each other about their feelings for each other.

Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig are seen sitting on their bed as they have a conversation about the misunderstanding created by Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta. Soundarya asks Gautam “Why did you go and ask him(Shalin) about Himanshi when I told you about it myself? If there was any scene or anything related to it I would have told you, or you could have confronted me about it, but instead, you listened to him.”

Gautam clarifies to Soundarya and says “I think she(Soundarya) knows about it and he(Shalin) no there is no scene but there are other names in the list. I don’t want to clarify it and I didn’t speak to you because I trust you and I don’t need to know.”

While having the conversation Soundarya gets angry and asks Gautam to stop talking to her rudely and misbehaving with her. Soundarya says “Tina told me that you were speaking in action with Nimrit and you touched your heart and you said nothing.”

Gautam says “Why did Nimrit say this yesterday or Tina? They are making things up to separate us and create distance between our relationships. I am sorry if you think I am being fake with you and do not care so we can get back to becoming friends we will see when we go outside about it. I am being very honest because I have been frustrated with this topic for 5 days and I am unable to understand it now. On top of that Shalin Bhanot did some actions about you that I didn’t tell you because I trusted you and not that guy. Whatever we did in the past doesn’t matter to me. We met here and I care about today, not your past.”

Soundarya talks about Shalin and Tina speaking about Bigg Boss being protective towards her and trying to keep her safe from the repercussions. Gautam stops her and says “Yesterday I spoke to you and I said I love you to you, And still you think something is wrong then we can go outside and find out and right now stick to being friends.”

Meanwhile, we see Abdu Rozik give house duties to everyone in the house. Everyone agrees to his decision and cheers his name.

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