Bigg Boss Marathi 4: Samruddhi Jadhav becomes the first captain of the season.

The recent episode of Bigg Boss Marathi 4 started with the captaincy task. As per the previous tasks, two contestants, including Tejaswini Lonari and Samruddhi Jadhav, had to fight for the captaincy.

Bigg Boss announced a captaincy task, Paishancha Paus. In the task, Tejaswini and Samruddhi had to request other contestants to join their team to fight for their captaincy.

Samruddhi convinced and announced Ruchira Jadhav, Rohit Jadhav, and Prasad Jawade as her team members, while Tejaswini announced Amruta Dhongade, Akshay Kelkar, and Trishul Marathe as her team members.

In the task, two contestants had to throw notes of the BB points from the balcony to the garden area and their teammates had to collect them to buy golden bricks. The captaincy contender who will collect more BB points notes and buy bricks will be the winner of the show.

Samruddhi Jadhav and Tejaswini Lonari’s teammates got into physical fights during the task and the notes got destroyed during the task.

Sanchalak Yogesh Jadhav did not accept the notes and terminated the first round.

In the second round, the team members of the two captaincy contenders collected golden bricks from the Sanchalak. Yogesh counted the bricks and announced Samruddhi as the winner of the task.

Bigg Boss congratulated Samruddhi for being the first captain of BB Marathi season 4.

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