Bollywood singer Nakash Aziz just dropped a festive track | Bengali Movie News.

The arrival of Ma Durga has always been an indication of positivity, especially since the festivities transcend discrimination, cultures and geographies. And what better way to welcome the goddess than a lively, festive number? Bollywood singer Nakash Aziz sang a Pujo song titled
Elo Re Pujo Elo, for his fans.
The song has been composed by Prasenjit Ghosal (Dabbu), the lyrics have been penned by Ritam Sen, and Senjuti Das accompanies Aziz on the vocals.

Elo Re Pujo Elo encapsulates the spirit of the festive season which also signals the start of autumn. The music video features John Bhattacharya and Srijla Guha — their moves make sure this number becomes the dance anthem of this season.“As soon as I heard the composition, I felt this song is going to be the perfect Durga Puja melody! I just love the energy in the track that will undoubtedly offer the happy vibe of the festive season. Besides being danceable, it is a beautiful composition and I totally enjoyed singing this song,” said Aziz.

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