​Can you reverse diabetes without medication? indiabusinessport.com

“So, lifestyle changes can certainly make a difference but only in early diabetes, once it has progressed or advanced considerably, or the patient has had diabetes for a few years, one cannot expect a reversal anymore,” says Dr Harish Kumar.

Apart from lifestyle changes, certain large-scale drug trials which have been done across the world have shown that some of the medicines which have been studied have the ability to prevent the progression of diabetes and reverse early type II diabetes in some cases, he adds.

On the medications, Dr Gude says, when a combination of intense fat lowering measures in overweight or obese diabetic patients is adapted, including diet, exercise and weight loss inducing antidiabetic drugs, one can definitely expect remission or reversal of diabetes.

Emphasizing on diet and body weight, Dr Durani suggests going for a low calorie diet, exercise, and weight management in order to increase insulin sensitivity.

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