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Amid shortage of qualified physicians, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) made changes which will ease the process for doctors who are already in Canada as temporary residents to become permanent residents. The doctors will now be exempted from some of the current requirements which are involved in obtaining permanent residence status in Canada through express entry programs.

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Why do doctors in Canada find it difficult to qualify for Express entry programs?

Doctors working in Canada find it tough to qualify for the express entry program owing to a payment model called “fee-for-service” that is followed by them which is different from the traditional employer-employee relationship. They are, therefore, considered as self-employed which hampers their path to permanent resident status.

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What changes have been made now?

To ease the process for permanent resident status for doctors, Canada’s immigration minister Sean Fraser said that the self-employed barrier will be removed.

“Foreign-born physicians have been helping to keep families healthy and to take care of our aging population. Their skills are critical resources in our community, and it does not take long before they become our neighbours, friends, and fellow community leaders. The measures announced today signal to these physicians that we want them to stay, by making it easier for them to choose Canada as their permanent home,” he said.

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Why was the change initiated?

Other than easing the immigration process for doctors, the measure is Canada’s attempt to attract and retain physicians as well as other healthcare workers. As of June 2022, approximately 4,300 permanent residents were admitted under the health care section.

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