Chandigarh: At PGI, 2 of 5 MRI machines down | Chandigarh News.

CHANDIGARH: Not more than three of five MRI machines have been functional since the past few months at PGI, one of the reasons for more than a year’s waiting list for patients.
“We have one MRI down since April. It is being replaced by a new one, which should be operational in December,” said Prof M S Sandhu, head, department of radiology, PGI. He said, “Two of our MRI machines are 10 years old and breakdowns become frequent with age. Hopefully, these will be replaced by next year, he added.
It is challenging for doctors to manage a huge flow of patients referred for diagnostic tests. For admitted patients, the MRI is done within no time. However, OPD patients have to wait between six and 12 months. Doctors reason as acquisition time for MRI is 10 times more than CT scan, few MRIs can be done in a day and with almost over 100 patients daily asked for this test, it gets tough to give all early dates. Patients have to wait or spend double at a private centre for MRI.
PGI offers a single body part MRI at Rs 2,500, excluding contrast and others, which a patient has to procure from outside. In GMCH, Sector 32, the cost comes to Rs 2,100. Government Multi-specialty Hospital, Sector 16, will resume its MRI diagnostics with its new machine, where cost will vary between Rs 3,700 and Rs 746. The market rate fluctuates between Rs 5,000 and Rs 10,000.

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