China reports 14,878 new Covid cases as outbreak worsens: Top updates | World News

China reported 14,878 new Covid cases of which 1,711 were symptomatic and 13,167 were asymptomatic, compared with 11,950 new cases a day earlier – 1,504 symptomatic and 10,446 asymptomatic infections. There were no new Covid related deaths reported keeping fatalities at 5,226. With this, China has confirmed 271,968 cases with symptoms.

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Here are top updates on Covid in China:

1. Beijing reported 161 symptomatic and 74 asymptomatic cases, compared with 68 symptomatic and 48 asymptomatic case the previous day.

2. Guangzhou reported 189 new locally transmitted symptomatic and 3,464 asymptomatic cases, compared with 259 symptomatic and 2,921 asymptomatic cases a day before.

3. Guangzhou- the southern metropolis of nearly 19 million people- put a handful of districts under lockdown a day earlier.

4. The quarantine for travelers arriving in China was shortened to five days from seven as part of changes in anti-virus controls this week.

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5. Flights from Guangzhou to Beijing and other major cities have also been canceled.

6. People who want to enter supermarkets, office buildings and other public buildings are required to show negative results of a virus test taken as often as once a day.

7. Chongqing closed schools in its Beibei district, which has 840,000 people as residents were barred from leaving a series of apartment compounds in its Yubei district.

8. Mass testing also was being carried out in eight districts with a total of 6.6 million people in the central city of Zhengzhou.

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