CRED, upGrad & Groww feature among top startups in India. Check full list

LinkedIn, the social media platform for professionals has released its Top Startups List, featuring 25 Indian firms which according to it are “rising to the challenges of the moment and continuing to innovate and gain attention in 2022”. Member-based credit card platform CRED has emerged as the top Indian startup this year, followed by e-learning platform upGrad and online investment platform Groww as the other start-ups being the top three.

LinkedIn said it looked at its data across four pillars including employee growth, jobseeker interest, member engagement within the company and its employees and how well these start-ups pulled talent from the social media platform’s Top Companies List.

Mentioning how India’s startup landscape evolved as the third largest in the world after countries like the United States and China, LinkedIn said the start-ups raised over $21 billion between January and August this year. The social media platform said upGrad led the way with a funding of $210 million.

For any startup to be listed in the LinkedIn list, it should be fully independent, privately held, comprise more than 50 full-time employees, be seven years old younger and be based in the country.

Linkedin excluded all the staffing firms, think tanks, venture capital firms, law companies, management and IT consulting firms, non-profits and philanthropic organisations, accelerators as well as government entities. The startups who had laid off 20 per cent or more of their workforce were also not eligible.

Here is the full Linkedin Top Startups List 2022.


2. upGrad

3. Groww

4. Zepto

5. Skyroot Aerospace

6. MBA Chai Wala

7. Spinny

8. The Good Glamm Group

9. Growth School

10. BluSmart

11. ShareChat

12. Ditto Insurance

13. Simpl

14. Rapido

15. Classplus

16. Park+

17. BlissClub

18. DealShare

19. UltraHuman

20. Living Food

21. FamPay

22. AgniKul Cosmos

23. Stanza Living

24. Pocket FM

25. Zypp Electric

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