Debut director Karthik to make a film inspired by economic fugitives of India – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News.

Director S Shankar’s assistant Karthik, who has worked on movies like Sivaji, Aparichit and 2.0, is slated to direct a new film on economic fugitives of India. This film will feature an antagonist inspired by figures like Vijay Mallya, and he will be shown living life King size, surrounded by models, having yacht parties, driving high-end cars and owning private jets.

Those in the know have revealed that Karthik’s film will feature a pan-India star cast, which will be dubbed in multiple languages and will have a theatrical release. The film is scheduled to go on floor from mid-November in Mumbai. Following that the shoot will commence in various parts of UK and other European countries.

This ambitious, big-budget movie is being produced by Kalol Das, Vakil Khan, Mihir Mutta and Prateebha Vyas. A source told ETimes, “The story will focus on the disparity of how the common man is harrowed with legalities if he does not pay his EMIs on time. But economic fugitives like Vijay Mallya, enjoy a lavish, luxurious lifestyle in European countries even after looting banks and fleeing the country.”

The source also revealed that further details of the movie were being kept a secret. But it has been learnt that renowned names from Bollywood and South film industries are going to play key roles in the film.

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