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Kolkata: The 11-day Durga Puja holiday schedule for state government employees may not be that long any more. The Bengal government is likely to roll out its work-from-home module — e-office — from Saturday.
This year, the state government employees are enjoying 11 days of puja holidays and similarly in 2023, there can be an equal number of puja holidays for them. However, as the state is revamping the e-office from October 8, officials are expected to start working from home from Saturday once the server becomes functional. This will enable the officials to clear files when they are out of office.
The state government offices are now closed from September 30 to October 10 for the 11-day puja vacation. The puja holidays in 2023 are likely to fall between October 19 (Panchami, Thursday) and October 29 (Sunday). The Lakshmi Puja is on October 27. But except on the days of Durga Puja, the officials are likely to work from home.
As 2023 kicks off on a Sunday, the first holiday for the state government employees will be on January 12 — Swamiji’s birthday — and the next one is on January 23 — Netaji’s birthday. As Republic Day on Thursday coincides with the Saraswati Puja, employees will miss a holiday. However, there will be a holiday on Friday for the immersion of the Saraswati idol.
There will also be a holiday on account of Panchanan Barma’s birthday on February 14. For Dol and Holi, there will be two holidays on March 7 and 8 — Tuesday and Wednesday.
April will have a number of holidays, including Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday, BR Ambedkar’s birthday, Poila Baisakh and Eid-ul Fitr.
In the next month, the two holidays are on May 5 and 9 — Buddha Purnima and Tagore’s birthday. In June, there will be two holidays — June 20 for Ratha Yatra and June 29 for Eid-ul Zoha. While there will be two holidays in August, September, too, will have two holidays — both on Thursday.
Diwali holidays will fall between November 13 and 15 when Bhai Phonta will be celebrated. Diwali 2023 is on November 12.

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