Ethanol project at Sanjivani factory to generate 235 jobs | Goa News.

PANAJI: The proposed Rs 80 crore integrated sugar mill and ethanol distillery at the Sanjivani Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd (SSSKL) will generate direct employment for 235 persons. The project also consists of setting up of a Seed Development and Farmers Training Centre.
“The total direct manpower required for the integrated project has been estimated at 235. It is most essential for SSSKL to define the organisation structure individually for the sugar mill and the distillery plant. Presently, SSSKL has about a manpower of 183 and additional workers will be employed for the distillery,” a senior officer said.
The state government will set up an eco-friendly and zero liquid discharge ethanol production plant of over 45 kilo litre per day (KLPD) capacity and sugarcane crushing mill of over 700 tonne cane per day (TCD) capacity at SSSK.
The project report states that the proposed integrated project will utilise cane crop in a most efficient manner for eco-friendly products like ethanol. The optimum production of conventional but quality ethanol will cater to value added domestic and international markets.
“The project will have an excellent multiplier effect and will truly become a win-win situation for all stakeholders,” the project states.
The proposed project has substantial socio-economic and environmental benefits at the local, state, regional and the national levels, as per the project report, among which is the creation of direct and indirect jobs for locals that will consequently not only increase income levels, but also have an associated impact on commercial and social infrastructure development in mofussil areas, and rake in higher returns for sugarcane farmers.

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