Exclusive – Ayesha Kapoor on enacting a drunken scene in Sherdil Shergill: I did a monologue in one take and everyone clapped. indiabusinessport.com

Actress Ayesha Kapoor recently made her television debut with popular show Sherdil Shergill. The actress currently plays the parallel lead role of Nikki, who happens to be the girlfriend of Dheeraj Dhoopar’s reel character.

Her presence in the show is bringing a lot of twists and turns in the life of Surbhi Chandna and Dheeraj Dhoopar. Recently the actress shot for a drunk scene, in which she had to drink and create a lot of drama in the house.

The actress exclusively shared her experience of shooting for the scene. She told ETimes TV, “This time, the drunk scene was very exciting for me. Previously too I did a similar scene and did tamasha in their house. That time I had met everyone for the first time and was very nervous. I was confused with the director’s instructions. That time some were laughing in the background. This time I was sure of what I had to do. I had got my lines prior. I shot in one take. Everyone from Dheeraj to Bhairav sir, the entire team clapped for me and praised me.”

“I had to take care of my body language and a bit of voice modulation was required. That was a bit challenging. I had to make sure my voice sounded drunk and the words were clear. I just read through the lines and just did the scenes. My director was very happy. He said, ‘Shabaash mere cheeteh’. I was so happy,” she further added.

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