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Cyrus Mistry, the former Chairman of Tata Group, passed away in a tragic road accident while travelling from Ahmedabad to Mumbai in a Mercedes-Benz GLC SUV. Now, the forensic reports of the accident have unearthed multiple reasons behind this fatal crash which includes not wearing of seatbelts by the rear seat occupants and non-deployment of two of the seven airbags in the SUV.

The forensic investigation into the road accident further revealed that overspeeding, wrong overtaking, and not enough signage on the Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway also contributed to this accident. However, the probe has ruled out driver tiredness as one of the potential reasons behind this crash.

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“It was a deadly cocktail of overspeeding, overtaking from the left, changing of lane, non-wearing of seat belt and two of the seven airbags not deploying,” said a source to Times of India. The Mercedes-Benz GLC was going at 100 kmph and at the time of crash, the impact speed was 89 kmph while the speed limit on this stretch of the highway was recommended at 40 kmph due to thick vehicle flow.

The investigation has suggested realignment of road geometry at the spot of the accident. It has also recommended a few improvements based on the civil engineering-related shortcomings that were found.

Mercedes-Benz GLC
Mercedes-Benz GLC

Union road transport secretary Giridhar Aramane said, “The road has a load of around 1.6 lakh passenger car units (PCUs) per day and hence there is hardly any scope for widening and the site also doesn’t permit to carry out any major changes. Even closing a single lane would result in traffic jam for kilometres due to the high volume of traffic. Considering the traffic growth on this stretch, we are building a Greenfield stretch between Vadodara and Mumbai as a part of the Delhi-Mumbai expressway. Once that’s operational, there will be less traffic on this stretch.”

On the forensic report, Aramane said, “During investigation, police have identified speeding as the main reason for the crash. The state needs to deploy highway patrol parties on this stretch. At the recently held meeting with states, we have urged them to strengthen highway patrolling and enforcement.”

As for airbags, it was learnt through the investigation that the front, knee and curtain airbags on the driver’s side were deployed but the front curtain and rear curtain unit on the left side did not engage.


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