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KOLLAM: Barely hours after he received an attachment notice from a bank in respect of his house for default on loan repayment, a fish seller from Kerala was able to heave a sigh of relief as he won the Rs 70 lakh Akshaya lottery of the state government.
Pookunju, on October 12, began his day as usual and while on his way to collect fish he sells during the day, he bought an Akshaya lottery ticket which had a first prize of Rs 70 lakh.
When he returned home in the afternoon, he got to know that the bank had sent a notice of attachment in respect of his house as he had been unable to pay back a loan amount of Rs 9 lakh, he told a television channel.
“Besides the bank loan, my father had raked up a debt of around Rs 5 lakh buying lottery tickets,” Pookunju said.
But fate smiled upon the family as within hours of receiving the bank notice, the winning number of the lottery was announced and he was the winner of the Rs 70 lakh first prize.
“He did not believe me when I told him we had won. He initially said it was not at all possible. Then he kept checking and re-checking the ticket number and the result,” his wife said. She also said that just a day before, he had missed winning a Rs 5,000 prize by two numbers.
Their son, who is studying, told the channel that he never believed in buying lottery tickets and bought it sometimes to help out those selling the same. “I never won anything. I never had any faith in it. My father has now proved it otherwise,” he told the channel with a smile.
On their plans with the winnings, Pookunju’s wife said they will first clear all their debts and then ensure their children receive a good education.

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