How Kazakhstan is struggling as more and more Russians flee draft | World News

As Russia’s neighbouring countries witness an influx of thousands of Russians attempting to escape the partial mobilisation call to fight in Ukraine, Kazakhstan is facing the brunt of Vladimir Putin’s announcement.

Kazakhstan will ensure the care and safety of Russians fleeing a “hopeless situation,” the country’s president said on Tuesday, adding, “Recently we’ve had many people from Russia coming here. Most of them are forced to leave because of the hopeless situation. We must take care of them and ensure their safety.”

“This is a political and humanitarian issue,” he added.

As entry to Kazakhstan is visa-free for Russians, the country could close its borders as it struggles to provide shelter to the Russians fleeing. Although, Kazakhstan has not announced any plans so far.

The country’s interior ministry said that 98,000 Russians had entered Kazakhstan since September 21, the day of Putin’s military call-up announcement. The rents has increased in the country and hotels and hostels are fully occupied, reports suggested.

Additionally, Kazakhstan could also amend the immigration laws for Russians without a passport and reduce their stay for three months.

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