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Dr Sarita Naik

Dr Sarita Naik (Narang) is a superspecialist urogynaceologist & vaginal surgeon in Mumbai. She earned her MBBS with a gold medal in 2003 from Maulana Azad Medical College,

I am a 48-year-old healthy woman. For last few months, I am facing a very embarrassing situation during intercourse with my husband. In the middle of the act, I need to rush to the washroom for passing urine. The sensation is so strong that we need to stop in between the act. By the time I come back, he loses his interest and even I feel very uneasy to start it over again. Lately this is affecting our interpersonal relationship adversely. Can something be done to improve this urinary issue during the intimate moments.


Answer: Urinary urge during the act of intimacy can happen because of various reasons and it can affect the quality of the intimate act. If it happens many times, it may cause male partner to loose erection due to disruption of the act. At the same time female partner struggles with the uncomfortable urge in the middle of the foreplay or after penetration.

A full bladder during the act of intimacy can trigger the urge of urination at the peak of foreplay or orgasm. This happens generally if there is large amounts of liquid or alcohol intake before bed time. Beverages like fizzy drinks, colas, tea, coffee and caffeinated drinks can irritate the bladder in some people and can cause the urge to urinate. Preexisting vaginal infections (Vaginitis) can also cause bladder irritation while rubbing action of penis happens inside vagina during penetration. Too rigorous, rough and rushed penetration with poor lubrication can sometimes also trigger the bladder sensation in woman.

Keeping bladder empty, avoiding any kind of drinks before a planned sexual act, emptying the bladder before sexual intercourse can help to a large extent in these cases.

You may need a clinical examination and a detailed evaluation by a Urogynaecologist or a sexual medicine expert to identify underlying cause. Treatment of any underlying vaginal infections can resolve the issue completely. Also couple counselling and reinforcing an adequate foreplay with emphasis on gentle penetration can help the couple to improve their sexual experience without getting disturbed due to this minor urinary issue which can be dealt easily.



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