Hurricane Ian lashes South Carolina after Florida: Top updates | World News

Hurricane Ian pounded coastal South Carolina on Friday flooding streets and causing significant damage after the deadly storm caused significant damage in Florida leaving at least 17 people dead, Associated Press reported.

Hurricane Ian– estimated to be one of the costliest hurricanes to ever hit the US- left a trail of destruction in Cuba this week as well.

Here are top updates on Hurricane Ian:

  1. Hurricane Ian left many parts of Charleston under water, washing parts of four piers along the coast, including two at Myrtle Beach.
  2. Seawater could be seen filling neighborhoods in Garden City as well.
  3. As Hurricane Ian moved across South Carolina on its way to North Carolina, it dropped from a hurricane to a post-tropical cyclone.
  4. In Florida, the deadly hurricane demolished homes and left more than 2 million people without power.
  5. Hurricane Ian has caused “well over $100 billion’’ damage, including $63 billion in privately insured losses, according to the disaster modeling firm Karen Clark & Company.
  6. US President Joe Biden said he was directing “every possible action be taken to save lives and get help to survivors.” “It’s going to take months, years to rebuild,” Joe Biden added.

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