Imlie update, October 8: Atharva saves Imlie’s life.

The latest episode of Imlie begins with the Ravan effigy at the Dussehra ground catching fire. Imlie, who is clueless about it, sits near the effigy and starts panicking as she sees a big crowd around her. She wonders why people are running from one place to the other. People try to tell Imlie that the effigy has been burning and she can get hurt but she fails to understand. Atharva watches it from a distance and rushes to save Imlie. As the burning effigy falls, Atharva comes to Imlie’s rescue and saves her life.

Atharva scolds Imlie for being careless and requests her to head home. He then searches for Cheeni and decides to confess his love for her. He calls Cheeni and asks her where he is. Cheeni on the other hand gets stuck at the Dussehra ground. She tries to find her way out but fails.

Atharva tells her that he loves her and wants to get married to her. He further says that he isn’t interested in getting married to Imlie. However, Cheeni fails to hear it as he cell phone drops. Atharva looks for her and finds her with Jatin. He gets emotional and feels that Cheeni has rejected his love for her and wants to get married to Jatin. Towards the end of the episode, Cheeni requests Atharva to apply medicine on his arms as it got burnt while he was trying save her. Atharva agrees.

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