Imlie update, October 9: Rupi questions Cheeni about Atharva.

The latest episode of Imlie begins with Cheeni wondering when Atharva will let everyone know that he isn’t interested in getting married to Imlie. She contacts him and asks him about the same. Atharva on the other hand, misses Cheeni and prays to god to get married to her. He secretly sneaks out of the house to meet Cheeni. Kia sees him leaving and gets scared. She fears getting caught by Atharva and Imlie for making evil plans against them.

Cheeni on the other hand, looks for traditional clothes along with Imlie for the wedding ceremonies. Imlie tells Cheeni that she should definitely give Jatin a chance as she is pretty sure that he is as good as Atharva. Arpita and Sundar talk to Naramada if she is going to show up at the ceremonies. Naramada responds by saying that she has gone to the temple to pray for Imlie’s marriage.

Cheeni texts Atharva from Imlie’s phone and asks him to meet her soon. Atharva gets excited and feels that she is also interested in him. Rupi questions Cheeni about the necklace and how she received it. Cheeni tells her that Atharva gave her so that she can tell Imlie how he isn’t interested in her.

Towards the end of the episode, Cheeni goes out to meet Atharva and confront her about the necklace. Imlie feels excited to meet Atharva and decides to thank him for giving her such a lovely gift.

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