India declines to disclose upcoming UN vote on Ukraine | India News

SYDNEY: India does not want to say in advance how it will vote at the United Nations General Assembly on a likely draft resolution condemning Russia’s proclaimed annexation of parts of Ukraine, foreign minister S Jaishankar said on Monday.
“As a matter of prudence and policy, we don’t predict our votes in advance,” Jaishankar said during a joint media briefing along with Australia’s foreign minister Penny Wong in Canberra.

The General Assembly is due to vote on the draft resolution on Tuesday or Wednesday, diplomats said.
Russia had vetoed a UN Security Council resolution introduced by the United States and Albania late last month condemning the proclaimed annexation, with China, Gabon, India and Brazil abstaining.
Citing the “totality of the evolving situation”, India abstained on a UN Security Council resolution, vetoed by Russia, that would have condemned Moscow’s “illegal referenda” and declared its annexation of four Ukrainian territories as invalid.

India has previously abstained on two occasions in the Security Council and once in the UN General Assembly on resolutions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Unlike many other leading Western powers, India has not yet criticised Russia for its invasion of Ukraine and it abstained from the votes at the UN platforms in condemning the Russian aggression.

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