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One of world’s most immigrant-friendly countries Canada is a top choice for Indians as well. The country which ranks fourth in the Migrant Integration Policy Index is planning to invite a record number of immigrants. Although, one of the biggest problems in the application process is Canada’s age-based criteria due to which many candidates are disqualified even if they match the criterion.

The age is an important factor as Canada is looking for a younger workforce as a major section of the country’s workforce has reached retirement age.

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How can age be a criteria in Canada immigration process?

1. In the Express Entry pool, CRS is a points-based system that scores a candidate’s profile in order to rank the applicants.

2. Only if the candidate is able to score above the CRS cut, then he/she might get an invitation to apply (ITA).

3. There are several factors in the evaluation process including age.

4. The score falls for any candidate who is above the age of 44 as Canada’s comprehensive ranking system does not give any points to those above the age of 45.

5. Starting from the age of 40, the points reduce by 10 versus 5 before the age of 40.

6. Under Express Entry’s FSWP, the applicant’s age is worth 12% of the overall selection process.

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