Katrina Kaif on Amitabh Bachchan’s 80th Birthday: No one’s going to fit that mould again – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News. indiabusinessport.com

Katrina Kaif and Amitabh Bachchan’s association goes back all the way to her debut film Boom. Today, as Big B turns 80, Katrina looks back at the aura and enigma that has inspired her along with hundreds of other stars over the years. Speaking about Mr Bachchan, she says, “He’s a one in a million kind of person. There are very few personalities like that, ones you get to see in your lifetime. Amitji has that persona. His aura and enigma, when he walks into a room is superlative. The kind of command that his presence has is something.”

She’s been his co-star on more than one occasion. They’ve shot multiple movies like ‘Thugs Of Hindostan’, ‘Sarkar’ and a few memorable TV commercials as well. Revealing why she reveres him, Katrina says, “What makes a huge impact is the way he is as a performer, as a star, an icon and a gentleman. The way he behaves and interacts with his co-stars is impeccable. I remember very early on in my career, how thoughtful he was on sets and that is something that has stayed with me. He will always be an inspiration for all of us.”

Everytime Katrina feels down or uninspired, Mr Bachchan’s professionalism wakes her up. She reveals, “There are so many days at this time in my life, when I am tired, I am unwilling to get up and go to work and then I recall and tell myself, ‘Wait a minute. Mr Bachchan is probably on a film set somewhere right now, giving his best shot after all these years in the business. I swear the thought comes in my mind so many times. There’s so many times when after a late night I’ll be tired after a long day of shooting and I will think, ‘Mr Bachchan must be shooting somewhere right now’. I truly feel he is an exception.”

She firmly believes that he’s one of a kind. She explains, “There isn’t anyone who is going to fit that mould again. We just have to appreciate that. While so many people, including me, will want to aspire to be like him, or have his traits of acting or his style, but there will always be only one like him and that’s him.”

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