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BENGALURU: Even as complaints are pouring in from users of app-based cabs against frequent cancellations, excess fare and long wait time, drivers are unhappy about soaring fuel prices and reduced incentives from some major aggregators. TOI profiles some of the emerging cab aggregators projecting themselves as alternatives to the dominant players and providing commuters a range of options.

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BluSmart: All EVs here

BluSmart, which has a 100% electric vehicle fleet, is the latest entrant in the app-based cab aggregator segment in the city. “Our mission is to decarbonise metro cities and bridge the gaps in the ride-hailing sector. We started from Delhi and are now in Bengaluru,” said Anmol Singh Jaggi, CEO and co-founder of BluSmart. “We have a zero-cancellation, zero-surge policy. We are very transparent with our pricing. The flat rates are accessible from the application (Rs 249 for 0-9km, Rs 299 for 9-12km),” he added. BluSmart has introduced an asset-free driving model to help driver-partners facing financial burden.

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MYn: 29,000 cabs & 25,000 autos

MYn has more than 29,000 cabs and 25,000 autorickshaws attached to it. “We’re receiving around 5,000 daily ride requests. The response has been overwhelming, with people relieved that a cab service with predictable and surge-less fares has entered the market,” said AS Rajgopal, founder, MYn app. He said they will only follow government-approved fares. “Our unique feature of ‘tipping before’ — where the user can add to the existing cab fare and increase their chances of getting a cab — has also dramatically boosted bookings on MYn,” said Rajgopal. “We are not collecting commissions from drivers and no surge from users. MYn will never have inflated fares…,” he said.

DRIFE: Platform based on Blockchain

DRIFE is a blockchain-based ride-hailing platform and has over 16,000 cabs. “Customers like our no-surge pricing policy and the freedom to choose their driver and fare. We’re getting excellent response from airport customers as their travel is way cheaper with us,” said Firdosh Sheikh, CEO and co-founder of DRIFE. “The demand is sometimes double the supply, so there is always space for a new entrant who can provide better service and pricing. We aren’t charging any commission,” she said.

RideAlly: Saying no cancellations

RideAlly promises no trip cancellations. Hariprakash Agrawal, its founder and CEO, said: “We have over 1,000 cabs in Bengaluru. Around 100 bookings are being done daily. It’s a huge market, hence there is always space for new players. However, because of less margins, it is not a very lucrative sector.” “There is no surge pricing. We take very little margin from drivers and always pay them on time. Hence, drivers usually stick with us… We charge for a minimum of 10km as our drivers may need to come from far. We also need bookings three hours in advance for guaranteed bookings. One can also book one week or one month in advance,” he said.

Quick Ride: Growing fastest

Initially started as a carpooling firm, Quick Ride is now one of the fastest-growing firms in the cab segment. KNM Rao, founder & CEO, said: “We have 15,000 cabs attached in Bengaluru. We get great responses, particularly for airport rides. Quick Ride offers consistent and lower fares compared to the abnormal fare practices followed by others. We serve over 8,000 customers a day with our carpool-cum-taxi offerings,” he said. “Quick Ride takes only 9% commission, giving the majority of the ride fare to driver-partners. Quick Ride makes the settlement of ride fare within 10 minutes of trip completion,” he added.

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