Meghan Markle ranked more influential royal than King Charles III | World News

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle outshined King Charles III and Prince William – who is the heir to the throne, in the list of most influential royals, a study showed. According to a study of Financial World, it was revealed that Queen Elizabeth II is the most influential royal based on an analysis of Google searches, TikTok views and Instagram hashtags.

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Queen Elizabeth II pulled in 4.7 million Google searches a month and has had 18.7 billion TikTok views.

King Charles III landed on the sixth spot while Prince William, the newly-appointed Prince of Wales, could only manage to the seventh spot.

Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle ranked in the third spot but couldn’t manage to beat Kate Middleton who secured the second spot.

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“This year has seen the monarchy transform with the death of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II in September. As King Charles begins his reign, many will be curious to see how he chooses to adapt the royal family to a new era and who he will choose to help him do so,” a spokesperson for Financial World said.

“Popularity and influence are vital for the tenure of the royal family, and this study provides a fascinating insight into the royals that have the widest reach and remain in the public’s favour,” the spokesperson added.

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Prince Harry was at the fourth spot while Princess Diana secured the fifth spot even after 25 years of her death.

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