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PILIBHIT: Shivani, 17, a survivor of a wall collapse incident on October 9 at Hetam Nagla in Shahjahanpur district, is yet to receive any proper support from the local administration. She lost her 13-year-old sister, Sheetal, who died in front of her.
Earlier, at the age of seven, her mother passed away and her father died three years later. Shivani, who belongs to a Dalit community, is now completely alone at home.
Somwati Devi, a distant relative from the same neighbourhood, has now decided to take up her case.
Somwati told TOI: “Had the two girls been allotted a house under a government scheme, Sheetal would have been alive today. They had lost their parents at a very young age.”
Shivani added: “My father had left behind a one acre farm which I had given to a local farmer for cultivation on contract for Rs 12,000 per annum. This was our only source of income along with Rs 6,000 a year under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana. I had a dream of a career too. But now, my younger sister is also gone.
“I couldn’t repair my single-room house due to lack of money,” she further said.
Chief development officer of Shahjahanpur, Shyam Bahadur Singh, said, “The matter was not brought to my notice earlier. I’ll get it probed and will examine the circumstances under which the case of the girl was denied. I will see that even if the present quota of PM yojana has been exhausted, the girl is facilitated with a house and a toilet under a CM scheme.”

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