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NEW DELHI: The UNGA resolution, which sought reversal of Russia’s decision to annex Ukrainian territory, that India again abstained from voting on was adopted with 143 votes in favour and five against in the 193-member body. The US, which lobbied hard to secure as many votes as possible in favour, said the General Assembly had delivered a resounding rebuke to Russia. China and Pakistan were among the 35 countries which abstained.
After what was the fourth such abstention in a vote targeting Russia, India emphasised that the global order, which all countries subscribed to, was based on international law, UN Charter and respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty of “all States” and that these principles “must be upheld, without exception”. Indian ambassador Ruchira Kamboj said India’s decision to abstain was consistent with its well thought out national position.
“My Prime Minister has said unequivocally that this cannot be an era of war. With this firm resolve to strive for a peaceful solution through dialogue and diplomacy, India has decided to abstain,” said Kamboj, as she delivered India’s explanation of vote. She said India remained deeply concerned at the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, including targeting of civilian infrastructure and deaths of civilians.
Kamboj said developing countries were facing the brunt of the conflict’s consequences on fuel, food and fertiliser supplies and it’s critical that the voice of the global south is heard and their legitimate concerns duly addressed. “It’s also unfortunate that as the trajectory of the Ukrainian conflict unfolds, the entire global south has suffered substantial collateral damage. We must, therefore, not initiate measures that further complicate a struggling global economy,” said India’s top diplomat at the UN. India has not supported the G7 proposal for a price cap on Russian oil.
India has abstained from voting on all UN resolutions condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine, in what many in the West see as a pro-Russia tilt. India has gone against Russia only in votes which were procedural, like earlier this week when it joined over 100 countries in rejecting Moscow’s proposal for a secret vote on the UNGA resolution.
This was also the fourth time since March this year in UNGA that India abstained from voting on a resolution targeting Russia. While the first resolution in early March sought unconditional and immediate withdrawal of Russian forces, the second resolution, which was brought in the same month, focused on the humanitarian consequences of the aggression against Ukraine. In April this year, India again abstained from voting on a resolution that sought Russia’s expulsion from the UN Human Rights Council.
Kamboj said dialogue was the only answer to settling differences and disputes, however daunting that may appear at this moment.

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