Naagin 6, update: Pratha finally sees Prarthana and learns that she is also a naagin.

The latest episode of Naagin 6 begins with Prarthana trying to take revenge against the people who killed her father Professor Jeet. However, she fails to do so as she realises that there are hundreds of people in the building and their life could be at risk. Prarthana then decides that it isn’t the time for her to get married to Manav as her first responsibility is to give justice to her dad.

Later, Anmol questions Prarthana asking why she didn’t get ready for the wedding. Prarthana responds by saying that she doesn’t want to get married. Anmol along with other family members insist her and ask her to get ready.

Pratha on the other hand, bumps into Prarthana and wonders why she looks excatly like her. She accidentally sees Jeet’s picture, who is Prarthana’s dad and realises that she is none other than her own daughter who got replaced at a young age.

Prarthana looks at her and realises that Pratha is her mom since she looks excatly like her and Rishab is her dad. However, she feels that her real dad killed the one (Jeet) who took care of her all her life.

As the episode continues, Prarthana learns about Manav’s evil plan against her and takes revenge on him. She asks him who is the real culprit behind it. Manav says that he has no clue about it and was doing it for money. Towards the end of the episode, Pratha sees Prarthana in her Naagin avatar and gets to know about her truth.

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