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SAMBALPUR: For holistic development of students studying in the government schools, the Bargarh district administration has come up with a new innovation of “zero period” under its VIJETA-2022 programme which has been launched in the district to provide an opportunity to nurture and bring out the 21st-century skills and ability of the students through incorporating non-core subjects in the classroom apart from academics.
Bargarh district collector Monisha Banerjee said in private schools, the students are engaged in different extracurricular activities which results in the overall development of the students but such opportunities are not available for the students of government schools. However, through zero period, which is part of VIJETA-2022, the students are being engaged in different extracurricular activities for 2 hours every Friday without hampering classes, she said. Banerjee said activities like quiz, debate, extempore speech, elocution, painting, drawing, singing, dancing, one-act play, art and crafts, science modelling, visual extempore, etc are undertaken during the zero periods in the schools. The teachers have been provided with necessary training.
The activities for zero periods are chosen out of the prescribed basket. The last Friday of every month is devoted to competitions in different activities already practised during that month.

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