Suspension of NMCH superintendent won’t be revoked: Tejashwi Prasad Yadav | Patna News.

PATNA: Despite agitation threats by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) over punitive action against one of its members, deputy chief minister Tejashwi Prasad Yadav, who also holds the health portfolio, on Sunday said suspension of Nalanda Medical College Hospital (NMCH) superintendent Dr Binod Kumar Singh won’t be revoked.
“I am least bothered about such threats,” he added.
The IMA has been on a warpath after Tejashwi, during a recent inspection of the NMCH, found gross negligence on the part of the superintendent and placed him under suspension. Describing his suspension as “illegal”, the IMA has threatened to even take legal action and disrupt health services.
“Jahan jana hai, jis star par jana hai jayen (They are free to go anywhere),” Tejashwi told reporters on Sunday, adding they were elected by the masses and hence they were responsible only towards them, and none else.
Launching a scathing attack on the IMA, Tejashwi said the association remained mysteriously silent when more than 700 doctors continued withdrawing salary from the government without attending duty at the hospitals all these years. “As many as 705 doctors had been absent from duty for 5 to 12 years and continued getting salary from the government. Did the IMA ever object to this?” Tejashwi asked, advising the IMA not to support the wrong thing.
“They (IMA) are talking nonsense; they only make hue and cry. They must know that the government also acts against the guilty,” Tejashwi said, adding his government would honour the workaholics but never spare the dishonest persons.
Tejashwi adopted hard postures a day after the IMA held an emergency meeting and urged chief minister Nitish Kumar to personally intervene into the matter and revoke the suspension of Dr Singh. They said Dr Singh was placed under suspension without being given the opportunity to defend himself.

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