The need for moment marketing

Imagine a world where consumers value brands' marketing efforts because they appear at just the right time to help them— without being intrusive. This is exactly what moment marketing does. It is a popular marketing strategy that allows brands to take advantage of ongoing events and create spontaneous communications and marketing collateral around them.

Humor is said to be the lifeblood of moment marketing. Most brands that pursue moment marketing for their campaigns cash on wit and well-timed humor. Brands like Amul, Netflix, Fevicol, Amazon, Swiggy, etc., are experimenting with this concept uniquely to get their message across with more relevance.

What makes moment marketing different from other approaches is its requirement for both agility and accuracy. Marketers who play with creativity and disseminate timely messages on multiple channels are assured of riding the wave of consumer attention.

Why is it emerging as an essential technique in Marketing?

The ability to anticipate and deliver personalized customer experience in real-time stimulates the growth of the marketing funnel. Providing the experience the consumers prefer at a particular moment helps build brand loyalty, boost customer lifetime value, and minimize marketing expenditure.

The question that comes to mind is, ‘Why should brands leverage Moment Marketing?’ Let’s take a closer look:

Low-cost Marketing Strategy

Moment marketing is an efficient guerilla marketing technique for cost-effectively building an online consumer base. A marketing campaign can only perform well if it reaches the customers at the right time with the right rationale. Marketers can execute successful moment marketing by leveraging relevant trends and understanding their demographic target well.

Improves Brand Recall and builds Deeper Connections

Brands have created a reputation by employing relevant trends and events to make their marketing messaging pertinent to their audiences. Since social media is fast-paced and viewers have a shorter attention span and a plethora of content to interact with, a brand can effectively engage customers through moment marketing. Furthermore, creative and personalized marketing campaigns can boost audience engagement and brand recall value while building deeper customer relationships.

Boosts Conversion Rate

Moment marketing aids brands in expanding their online presence and advertising their products to target consumers actively searching for related items. Hence, it can improve marketing results and boost conversions through website traffic, store visits, purchases, etc. Additionally, brands can directly engage with customers as trending events help them better communicate with their target audience when the messaging is centered around the trend.

Examples of Prominent Brands

People are connected online and only a few taps away from finding and sharing the most recent content, be it a meme, a viral video, a social media post, or a tweet. It makes a great marketing opportunity for brands to hit a six. Here are some examples of brands that have thrived owing to moment marketing—

Cristiano Ronaldo pushed aside two bottles of Coca-Cola kept in front of him during a pre-match press conference. Fevicol, Zomato, ITC, Paytm, and Amul were among the brands that reacted fast to Ronaldo’s stunt by creating humorous ad-based memes.

Fevicol recreated the event, leaving the chair empty and two adhesive bottles on the table instead of Coca-Cola. The graphic’s tagline read, ‘Na bottle hategi, na valuation gathegi’ (Neither will the bottles move nor the valuation will dip). The ad sent out the apt brand messaging to the audience, demonstrating the purpose and robustness of the product.

Amul is another finest example of moment marketing, and it has been practicing it for years. Its print and digital ads are so well-timed and cleverly constructed that the audience finds them relatable and humorous.

Numerous other examples illustrate the power of moment marketing. It won’t be wrong to say that it is here to revolutionize how brands market themselves with minimum expenditure.

Moment Marketing Is Here to Stay

Marketing nowadays is all about agility, and moment marketing is the epitome of agile marketing. It can help marketers reach out to a larger segment of customers at once and build stronger long-term connections. The key to doing it right is to be true to the brand's identity, ethos, and purpose and promote it at the right moment. It is time for brands to build innovative strategies to spark their imagination and strike a chord because ‘Every Moment Matters!’



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