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Nepal’s Manaslu Base has been hit by another avalanche in a span of a few days. Manaslu is the eighth-highest mountain in the world and is among favourite destinations for ski mountaineers who arrive from across the globe to scale the peak. In a fresh incident on Sunday, an avalanche hit the base camp, a week after the previous incident claimed two lives, among them being Hilaree Nelson– a famous US-based ski mountaineer.

A video shared by news agency ANI showed a massive cloud of snow descending towards the base camp as mountaineers take to their feet. Some are seen hiding behind the camp building to shelter themselves from what seemed like an all-blinding smoke.

The incident was reportedly confirmed by Tashi Sherpa who was trying to climb Manaslu at 8,163 metres. A few tents were destroyed in the avalanche but there were no human casualties, the person was quoted by ANI. “More than 3 dozen tents have been damaged today.”

As a precautionary measure, some of the expedition companies called off their attempt for this season, the report said.

The previous incident – which took place on September 26 – had claimed two lives while over a dozen people were injured, including an Indian, after an avalanche ripped through just below camp 4.

An avalanche (also known as a snow slide) is a fast-moving snow flow down a slope, such as a hill or a mountain; they may occur due to excessive precipitation or a decreasing snowpack, or as a result of external sources such as people, animals, and earthquakes.

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