Viral astrologer Hari Pathanapuram and wife Sabitta enter TV show ‘Njanum Entalum’; the former says ‘I wish to break the stereotype’.

Astrologer Hari Pathanapuram became an overnight sensation in Kerala after his hilarious reactions to some astrological queries. Along with his knowledge in the field, he is much loved for his sense of humor too. However, it was indeed a shocker for the telly audience when he announced his entry to a couple-based show. Interestingly, in the premiere episode of the show, ‘Njanum Entalum’, Hari shared the reason for the decision which might come as a surprise to many.

“Many people were surprised about my entry to the show. One of my friends, shared it online and he was asked, ‘Do astrologers have a romantic side ?’. Some have a mindset that certain people are supposed to behave in a particular way. I want to break that typecast. Yes, I am an astrologer, and I will continue doing that too. But, I am also a human who has romance, sentiments, emotions also,” he said.

Hari will be participating in the show along with his wife Sabitta, who is a lawyer by profession. In the episode, Hari also spoke about their love story too.

“I met her in the court and we ended up falling in love. I proposed and opened up to her that I am from an astrologer family. When her parents took up the marriage proposal, they checked the horoscope and it had some issues. Even my father had issues with the wedding and we ended up having an argument about the astrological problems in it,” Hari replied to host Aswathy’s question about whether the astrologer also checked his horoscope before the marriage.

Here’s the video:

The newly launched show, ‘Njanum Entalum’ has managed to win hearts within the premiere. The Aswathy Sreekanth-hosted show features real-life couples as contestants. Actor Yamuna-her husband Devan, actor Stebin and wife Vineesha, and comedian Joby along with his wife Susan are some of the popular names in the lot.

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