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Veteran BBC journalist David Dimbleby in a discussion on UK’s economic turmoil slammed the Liz Truss government over decisions taken in the past week. Talking about the economic situation in UK, David Dimbleby delivered a rare expletive on-air as he discussed the UK’s economic turmoil saying, “It just seems extraordinary and I mean, it is a complete s***storm for people who are actually trying to sell abroad or back here.”

The former Question Time host made the comments during BBC’s Newscast podcast.

Host Adam Fleming told David Dimbleby who was recently praised for his coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, “I should make clear, you don’t work for the BBC, you can speak really freely.”

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Adam Fleming further said to Davide Dimbleby, “You’ve definitely left the BBC haven’t you.”

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On Liz Truss David Dimbleby said, “We knew her quite well on Question Time over the years and it was quite an eye opener when she became prime minister. But I haven’t seen anything quite so melodramatic as this. I think it stands up because I think what Kwasi Kwarteng announced was a massive change.”

Last week, in a mini budget, the UK government announced that the top rate of income tax which is the 45 per cent rate for earnings over £150,000, would be abolished.

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