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Long working & commute hours, enormous amounts of caffeine, junk food, and skipping meals combined with a buffet of work stress is an immaculate ingredient to create an emotional breakdown recipe.

It will eventually splinter your mental health and sabotage your chances of growth at your new job. More times than not professionals admit that they characterize themselves submissively at their workplaces, opening doors to exploitation and being overworked until broken becomes the new proclivity.

But how do you break out of the pattern and set perimeters for yourself and others? There are ways to rupture this overworked, stress-ridden, fatigued routine and build a healthier heritage at the workplace instead. Here are 4 ways to set boundaries at your new job –

Decrypt Your Probation Span

It’s all about analyzing your role and equating whether the job role fits your expectations or not. The first step is to carefully assess the employment terms in your appointment letter and whether they transpire to be equitable to you as an employee. Sometimes, due to being lenient or simply inattentive, we lose out on basic norms such as work-life balance or timely reviews, statutory benefits, and increment policies. One needs to learn what their expectations are and seek what is a basic fundamental right. After due diligence, proceed ahead with the role at the company.

A Mentor Goes A Long Way

Having someone who can help, guide, counsel, and familiarize you through a problem or towards a goal – is one way to stay on route. The point is to eventually, if not initially, find a mentor for yourself in the organization you are working for or in your professional circle. They might or might not be in your immediate team or your boss, but it is great to find a professional because they will help you outside of line management and support you in widening your network and thrusting you to explore more ideas and perspectives. A mentor can help you identify a style that works for you in your new role and job.

Figure Out The Office Culture

Understanding the culture of your new company helps you draw a mind map of how things work there. This exercise is not for you to compare it to your previous companies but one needs to understand if the culture fits well per your working style, personality traits, and work ethic. If it doesn’t, you need to come up with a suggestion on mutually-acceptable grounds to make it work with your current organization.

Vitamin N – The Key Element 

Do you often feel the need of saying yes without a second thought or to please your team/boss solely because you feel obligated to say yes as a newcomer? For the most part, saying yes exhibits positivity and a readiness to engage.

However, there are occasions when it is okay to say no. For example, if it conflicts with your values and beliefs, If the task or the company might suffer, and so forth and so on.

Saying No may sound easy but in practice, it’s a lot harder. It is all about understanding if you can adjust to a situation or if are you hurting yourself a little too much to fit in and say yes. Be Diplomatic, be polite, and offer an alternative. Merely saying no without proposing a solution is unprofessional.

Not developing the ability to say no at the right time can make us more prone to burnout, stress, and even depression.

At the end of the day, setting boundaries is all about a healthy work culture and a healthier you. If you, at any point, feel like your mental health is taking a toll on you, it is time to inspect your boundaries and draw a line to be considerate to yourself.



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